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5 Ways to Know You Are a Teacher

C’mon you know you clicked on that title because it was worded so well.
Just in case you missed a previous post of mine all about how to write a Perfect Blog Post, you should go read it: {HERE}

So, do you ever read anything from Buzzfeed?
I see pins or FB posts daily that come from buzzfeed and I decided to check it out.
Well, let me tell you…
you can spend hours clicking around there and in the end wonder where the time went.
Some sample titles for you:
21 Desserts You Can Make in a Muffin Tin
23 Unexpected Ways to Recycle Your Junk
17 Instagram Feeds to Follow if You Like Breakfast

Seriously, some of those seem handy.

Well, I saw one about signs you are a teacher and decided to try my own little list.
So here ya go:

Read on….

A Teacher has a catch phrase for everything.
You know you do. We all have those things we say all the time!
Make a better choice.
Walk, don’t run!
Let your pencil do your talking.
Turn your volume down.
Do you need to look up “Straight Line” in the dictionary?
Think about the teacher across the hall. What does she say all the time (that secretly drives you crazy)…….
A Teacher gets excited over the school supply aisle….
I spent some time at the school supply store (also known as Teacher Heaven) and came away with that pile of wonderfulness. We are tackling STEAM projects in the lab and I needed some stuff.
I could easily spend a day in the school supply store. I want to work there when I retire.

A Teacher has a bulletin board Pinterest board and it is filled with ten tons of boards to try.

You know you have one and sometimes you just search bulletin boards and pin them all. Do you also have a classroom decor board?   I do, and one for Classroom Organization. I love my bulletin board one the most.
I pin boards I like and then try to recreate them. Here’s some I tried this year:
I tried to find the original source for the one above, but I can’t track it down.
Here’s my version:
Here’s another one I tried:
Click on the photo above to see more from the blog where I found this one.
Here’s my version:
I drew mine with sharpie and then colored it with colored chalk. The words are a KG font and I free-handed those!
Here’s one more:
This one looked really easy and I love that the divers are holding books. 
Here’s my version:
The board was small so I made one diver!
A teacher pins cute outfits to a Pinterest board called Teacher Clothes.
Do you do this? I sure do. Look at this:
That is very teacher-ish, I think.
But I teach Science all day.
I wear jeans and a t-shirt everyday.
And an apron…..
even when I had a regular classroom I would not have worn a white shirt to school!
A teacher has a cute teacher sign with her name on it!
I have bunches of these pinned and I bet you do too!

I made one for myself about two years ago. I painted circles on canvas and wrote my name in a fancy font and then added a bow to it. It hangs outside my classroom. One day this year I had a male student say, “This lab is really girly.”
I’m a girl and I live here more hours than the students so it is girly.
So what do you think?
What are some other ways you know that you are a teacher?