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Five for Friday ~ Spring Break Version

It’s Friday! Whew ! What a great week I have had!
First of all, I was off all week! Nuff said about that!
Let’s recap by joining Kacey for:
Day 1 of Spring Break…
My To-Do List said “Clean out closet”. That was before I walked out to the laundry room and found this:
A flexible hose on the hot water heater had ripped open and was spraying water everywhere. Not just a leak. It was spraying. Which meant that water inside the closet was on everything in the closet and had built up a layer on the floor as well. Many towels later I had it sopped up and hubs came to the rescue, turned off the water, and repaired the hose. I really need to learn how to turn off the water myself….
BTW, that is Luigi and Roo investigating the mess. Wookee was there, but didn’t make the photo!

Day 2 of Spring Break….
I took off early to go to Hoover, about 90 minutes away. First I went to the fabulous Galleria and came away with this gorgeousness:
I normally do not spend a lot of money on clothes because I teach science all day and wear t-shirts and jeans. But I need something pretty for a summer travel thingie (like the TpT conference) so I grabbed these at J Jill. Trust me- they are just beautiful. You can find the pink stripe {HERE}, and the green tunic {HERE}, and the floral {HERE}.
I also went to my favorite store and found a pile of books!
Gotta love Second and Charles for marked down books. That pile was $43!
I was reading a book by Jason Motte called The Returned, but after 100 pages I put it in my give-away pile. Not holding my attention at all. So, I started the David Baldacci book! Super!
I also visited my daughter’s first grade class to take them some lab coats and safety goggles! We had a little STEM challenge and they were precious. You can read about STEM with firsties right {HERE}

Day 3 of Spring Break….
Why, yes, those are papers for the IRS….
Ugh, Teachers Pay Teachers, I love you so much! You have made me a better teacher and changed a lot of things for us….
but it really hurts to send off that tax money.
On the other hand, it was such a relief. I sent 2014’s estimated tax and also the first quarter of 2015. I think it is going to be really cool at the end of 2015 to send in the last quarter and not have the whole year hanging over my head.
(BTW, hubs is also self-employed and our taxes are just stupidly complicated, so we file an extension every year and do not finish the tax stuff until August.)
Just for your info, if you are a TpT seller, 
GET AN ACCOUNTANT to advise you on what to save and deduct. Mine answered a lot of questions I had!

Also, Day 3 of Spring Break…
I finally went back to cleaning out the closet….
This is a twice yearly thing for me. I actually have three closets….I know.
It’s pretty weird. My regular closet is rather big, but I also have an off-season closet, and a totally extra stuff closet.
So, first I pulled out all the obviously winter clothing and took that to the off-season closet. The spring and summer stuff was moved to my main closet.
In the midst of all this, I GET RID OF STUFF.
I firmly believe that if I have not worn something in a while it is time to go. That huge pile in the floor is stuff that:
1. is ugly (and I cannot believe I bought it, much less ever wore it)
2. is worn out (which is pretty rare for me, but it happens when I really like something)
3. never did fit right, too sheer, too long, too short, too tight- or any of those other reasons that it was just plain uncomfortable
4. not age appropriate….this is sad, but I do occasionally have something that is just not right for my age- like ruffles. RUFFLES! I found at least 6 tops and one dress in my closet that had ruffles. Girls, I think there are two rules of fashion you need to always, ALWAYS follow:
NO ruffles after age 8
Leggings are not pants.
On a happy note, my spring closet is wonderful. Cleaned, vacuumed, and ready for warmer weather!

Day 4  of Spring Break….
I finally broke down and purchased a new microwave. Take a look at this:

Okay, stop laughing. That thing on my kitchen table is a microwave we have had since 1985!
1985, people.
Why is it so big?
And it took two of us to lift it out of the cabinet thingie and move it. Seriously, why is it so heavy? What were they made of 30 years ago? And the big question is why did it last so long, cause you know the new one will not!
One more thing. See those smaller pictures. Can you see those smudge looking things?
That is NOT dirt. It’s where the button pad is worn by being used for THIRTY years…..
Okay, join my science linky when you have time to blog about science in your classroom!
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  1. savvy teaching tips says

    Your blog design is too cute!
    I chuckled at the microwave because I think my parents still have the exact same one.
    Thanks for sharing your 5 this week.
    Sandra's Savvy Teaching Tips

  2. Kidpeople Classroom says

    I have week after next off. You're inspiring me! See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom