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Five for Friday ~ March 13!

It has been an AMAZING week!
First of all we actually made it school everyday!
That’s something!
Then we had all kinds of successes or just really nice things happening and that is always a good thing. So read on and find my Five Amazing Things!
Ah-May-Zing # 1
It was all about pipelines in my fifth grade groups. I told them the story of the pipelines in Panama and then talked about how those water pipelines are built and how unreliable they are. I challenged them to build a pipeline model and of course it would be made of something wacko.
Yep, Paper.
They told me it was hard and I am guessing it was because I required that the pipeline have two 90 degree turns in it and be at least 5 feet long. It had to transport a ping pong ball!

They came up with some pretty genius ways to connect the pipeline pieces!
It was a great experience in creating a template for a real device! They also learned that Panama is NOT in Florida!

Ah-May-Zing # 2
I was following a thread in the Seller’s Forum at TPT in which the July conference was being discussed. Then someone mentioned needing business cards.
Well, I need that….don’t I?
I think so! 
So, I tried to make my own and then just gave up because I was not loving it and then I found this store at TpT:
Laine has beautiful backgrounds and clipart and guess what? She also designs business cards! Go to her Blog and find out more! Here’s the one she made for me!
Ah-May-Zing # 3
I have seen pins on Pinterest about 4 hundred times showing students solving perimeter and area problems by using the tiles on the floor. So, this week I taped off some shapes and we tried it!

It was amazing! The kids loved it. They walked around and around the shapes to count the sections and find the perimeter. I also had them draw the shapes on graph paper and that was interesting. So many of them told me they had fun!
FUNNY MOMENT: One kid noticed that a few of the shapes I made looked a little like an outline of a body… know, like in a crime scene. First thing I knew there were kids laying down on the floor trying to form the shape of the dead bodies…..

Ah-May-Zing # 4
Book of the Week:


The movie for this is out right now and Julianne Moore won the Oscar for it. I have not seen the movie. (Yet!)
But, y’all you should read this book. The main character finds out she has early onset Alzheimer’s and the book is spectacular in presenting her progression with the disease. If you have elderly parents or you are my age, you need to read this. It will really enlighten you.
Ah-May-Zing # 5
Okay, now back to the bestest thing ever and that is the TpT conference in July! Are you going?

Yeah, I know that doesn’t look like Vegas! It’s actually Red Rock Canyon which is close by. I have been there and this year we are going to drive to Grand Canyon National Park after the conference is over!
The first session I have signed up for at the conference is called “Fix Your Brand and Take Your Store to the Next Level”! How cool does that sound?
Anyway, if you are going and if you are in that session then we need to meet!

Have a great weekend! Hope it’s Ah-may-zing!

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