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Five for Friday! February 6

Wow, I hope this week was great for you! I had some grand adventures!
Good thing I know just the link-up to focus on random, crazy, amazing things!

So, in no particular order here’s randomness for the week.

Well, okay I was getting something off the top of one of my many cabinets in the lab and had a sneezing fit due to the dust that fell on me, so then this happened:

Yeah, cute, I know. I donned the apron after getting one whole side of my t-shirt dusty. The good news is that the tops of the counters and cabinets are all clean!
And, yes, I do wear t-shirts and jeans to school, almost everyday.
I know you are jealous….
Second randomness-
I needed something just for fun for a third grade class one day and decided to just give each kid a piece of foil and tell them they could work alone or together and build anything they wanted to.
Here’s just a peek at the deliciousness they came up with:

 These first two are towers with impossibly skinny legs. Pretty cool how they made the legs work!

 This one started out as a zip line, and then turned into a ski lift!

This is just two precious little guys working together.
Here’s the thing.

Everyday, almost, I have a kid ask to work alone and I always say, “No.”

But this day I said they could.
No one did.
They paired up or worked in groups of four and here is what one little guy said to his group,
“We need to work together cause it’s scripture, you know. Many heads are better than one.”
Next up is: Parachutes
My fifth graders are making parachutes for a design challenge. I have made parachutes in the past, but this task has the added feature of eggs. Just take a look

Parachutes are made of tissue paper or large coffee filters and the egg containers are made out of a variety of things. This was the Test Class so more on the blog later after we have completed this challenge a few times!
So, have you read this?

OMG- it is just hilarious! It’s a very light-hearted look at a southern town in which the main character lives. She discovers she was adopted at birth and now in middle age is just finding out. Of course, this explains why she didn’t inherit her father’s nose or her mother’s looniness…..
It’s a fun book and will make you laugh out loud.

 Last, but not least,
Join me next week, on Wednesday, for a Science Link up!

I had this planned for Thursdays, but it is hard to always blog two days in a row, and we cannot skip Five for Friday! Join up with Kacey right now and come back on Wednesday with a Science post!

Have a great weekend!


  1. JD's Firsties says

    I'm sure your kids enjoyed the parachutes. We do this at a summer camp I work at and the kids love it each summer. Can't wait for the science post on Wednesday. Always looking for great science ideas!

  2. Carol Davis says

    We are having fun with the parachutes! I have done several versions of parachutes, but this time we added weight to the landing in the form of an egg! So far we have only cracked one! Join the linky on Wednesday! Thanks!

  3. bren in room 10 says


    Love your ideas! I just might have to try the foil one. Your students are so lucky.


  4. Luv My Kinders says

    I know I say this all the time, but your kids must have an absolute ball in your room. The foil creations and parachutes look fantastic. You had me cracking up with the dust on top of your cabinets. I know mine has got to be bad. Our janitor climbs up there once a year during the summer to clean the very top of them. Kudos to you for getting it done. I am so allergic I would have had a total sneezing fit, probably worse than the one you had. Looking forward to the science linky. Hopefully I can get my act together and link up. Have a great week friend!

    Luv My Kinders