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Five for Friday ~ February 27

What a crazy week we had! 
I am sure most of you had something equally nuts! Snow seems to be everywhere. I saw lots of Instagram photos of the 100th day celebrations….
and then TpT had a sale!
I think this week’s Five for Friday needs to be a called “Give Me a Break”!
Give Me a Break #1:
Also known as SNOW in  Alabama.
Come on folks, it does not snow in Alabama
Well, unless you count this:
That was a year ago in Birmingham. That was the day kids had to spend the night at school because parents could not get there to pick them up.
Anyway, here’s this week’s snow event:
It snowed Wednesday from 1:00 in the afternoon until 11:00 pm. Eight inches! Three school snow days!
It’s quite beautiful and enough of a rarity around here for us to marvel at. I am sure you guys that see snow all the time disagree!
I know someone else that hates snow….. keep reading!

Give Me a Break #2:
This is Wookee. He’s a tabby and he loves to go outside.
He found a no-snow spot under a table on the patio and sat there for a while. He was not happy!
But, c’mon, it is snowing. Come inside!
I had to get the lazer pointer out to trick him….

Give Me a Break #3
Have you read this?
It was compared to Gone Girl in the reviews I read. I am only about half into it, but it is pretty fascinating. The wife discovers her husband has a pregnant very young girlfriend. While looking for the book cover image I discovered that the book is being made into a movie with Nicole Kidman as the wife! This is the second book I have read lately that is either a movie or going to be!
I’ll let you know if you need to read this one!
It better have a better ending than Gone Girl!

Give Me a Break #4
Did you know you could do this? Just look at the quote section of my TpT store:
Go visit Christi Fultz’ blog for a tutorial on how to do this! She will walk you through the whole thing. I had to play with the dimensions of the power point slide to get it just right. Mine is 4.5 x 1.75.  But, give me a break! Why haven’t we figured out how to do this before now?

Give Me a Break #5
Actually, TPT did give me a break!! Look at all the stuff I bought at 28% off and I had feedback credits, too!

Thank you to:
Ms. Fultz’ Corner
A Little Peace of Africa
Kimberly Geswein Fonts

I hope you took advantage of this sale and snagged some bargains!
Don’t forget new products in my store are always 50% for the first 2 days and there just might be a surprise coming for March 15th! (15 Surprises for 2015!)

Have a great weekend!


  1. 2 Literacy Teachers says

    I am so jealous of your snow! We are in Washington and we usually get at least ONE snow day, but this year we have had none! 🙁 We have been lucky to have a lot of sunshine. At least if we can't have snow, we have the sun. Better than rain:)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Unknown says

    I bought tons of stuff at the TpT sale too! I am so excited about all of it. I have been wanting to update my store quote area! The updated ones look so great!!

  3. Abbey says

    I love the heading on your store! It looks great!

    I added the book to my reading list. It better be good! 🙂

  4. Carol Davis says

    Hi Myranda! It is really easy to make the image for your store quote area! The first one you make will take longer, but after that it's easy-peasy! Thanks for visiting!

  5. Carol Davis says

    I love my heading too! The book is on my Nook so you can read it. I'll tell you all about it!