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Five for Friday~ February 20

So, I am writing this very early in the morning on Thursday
while waiting for the two hour school delay to be done!
More about that below!
Right now, let’s thank Kacey for this Weekly Link Up!
Today’s five things are completely random, no pattern, no plan, just whatever,
Sometimes a pattern emerges when I don’t even expect it!
Let’s talk about the weather!
That was what I saw today. It’s the reason for our 2 hour delay this morning.
Yesterday we were delayed for 2 hours because of snow. It snowed ALL day, but did not stay on the ground.
Two days ago we were also delayed for 2.5 hours because of extreme cold. I know a LOT of you are going through the same thing. It’s windy and brisk here! Some of us find sunny spots……
That’s Roo, watching birds and squirrels in the front yard. Too cold outside to play!

Some random Lab News…
My fourth graders have been begging for Roller Coasters.
It’s a fourth grade STEM lesson, so we tackled it this week. This will last for 2-3 class sessions. So far, we have talked about gravity, friction, and centrifugal force and built two hill coasters to see how the arrangement of hills should be. We also experimented with loops!
It is total kid fun!
Speaking of total kid fun, read on….

More random lab news!
So, last week I was at a thinking point for what to do next with third graders and couldn’t decide so I just had STEM Buffet. I set up each lab table with a different quick building kit. We had LEGO, cm cube towers, giant tinker toys, circuits, math games, and cars.
By far, the favorite station was cars and tracks.
So, this week we built tracks, ramps, and used little cars to test them.
Look at the picture on the bottom left. The boys needed to make the track elevated. Clever use of a marker!
I bought the orange track a really long time ago and used it with Science Club. It’s just Match Box or Hot Wheels track. I used it for setting off alka-seltzer rockets one year.
Don’t even ask if that worked!

More random lab news, but the stupid kind…
This week we are being “inspected” by state people. Obviously I have not paid attention enough to know exactly what their title is. I just know they are coming to make sure we are following rules.
Like, checking fire extinguishers, safety lights, storage stuff.
So, we were told to get rid of some things. We are not supposed to have medicine, chemicals, paint, microwave ovens, refrigerators, tools, cleaning supplies, coffee pots, etc. in our classrooms.
OKAY. I get some of that. Totally understand getting rid of old paint.
But my classroom is a Science Lab. I kinda need the fridge and microwave.
The fridge is full of pet food (it keeps the bearded dragon’s giant mealworms from being so wiggly).
I also store chemicals (sodium polyacrylate, PH testers, ammonia, vinegar).
And, the cleaning supplies. Are you kidding me? I use 409 spray and Windex everyday. Who do you think cleans up after classes leave?
So, anyway, I hid my stash of cleaners and personal junk in a locked filing cabinet drawer.
I boxed up my coffee pot and hid it in my storage closet. S0, that’s a candle and matches, several cleaners, cough drops, make up, nail polish remover, 4 toothbrushes and various toothpaste containers, floss, hair spray…..sounds really dangerous right!
Next week, I will drag it all back out. Jeez.

So, while I was finishing up this post late this afternoon… this news came via text message, phone call, and email….
Yep, that’s right. It is predicted to be awful in the morning so we get to stay home!
Yahoo! Well, except for the possible really bad weather and the loss of a spring holiday now!
Have a great weekend!
Don’t forget to link up next week with your science post.
It will be on Wednesday, February 25th.


  1. Pixie Anne says

    Wow – Roo has gotten so big! Your roller coaster lessons look like so much fun – I bet your kids loved every minute of them!
    Growing Little Learners

  2. Unknown says

    I was cracking up read about you hiding everything in your classroom. It sounds like something I would do. We aren't supposed to have too many posters on our walls in our classrooms according to the fire department. {I guess it's some sort of fire hazard.} So when we know the fire marshall is coming to check, we just take down a bunch of our posters. Then we put them right back up when he leaves. Perfect solution!

  3. Carol Davis says

    Exactly! We also hide our fridges behind curtains. Mine actually fits under my desk! However, I can keep it out in the open because it is in a science lab. My friends have to be creative about their refrigerators and coffee pots! Thanks for visiting!

  4. Luv My Kinders says

    Love the idea of the STEM buffet. The kiddos get so creative, and are able to use critical thinking skills all while having a great time. You sound like me hiding your "contraband". I have fabric or paper on like every inch of my room…lol. So when we had our inspection I was chatting up our inspector so she didn't have time to "really" look at my room. She just checked my fire extinguisher and bid me farewell saying what a cute room.Whew! Safe for another year. I did have my flame retardant spray for fabric available in case I had to show that the walls and curtains were in compliance. Have a great week!

    Luv My Kinders