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It’s All Questions!

So many things going on this weekend! Oh my!
I know you all are just as busy as me, but let’s try a little randomness with Five for Friday.
Well, it is not really random, This week is very purposeful.
You should not believe the purposeful comment I made above, I have plans for posts all the time, but then they meander into uncharted territory.
Anyway, thank you Kacey for hosting our favorite weekly linky!
So, let’s begin with my purposeful questions for you this week!

First Question:
Are you a TpTer?
Are you going to the conference in Las Vegas?
Don’t click on that image. It won’t take you anywhere.
But seriously, are you going? I wanted to go last summer, but just could not part with the money. But this year we are making it a summer vacation and after the conference we are going to the Grand Canyon!
I am very excited about all of it- but mostly just to meet some bloggers and TpT friends!
Second Question:
Do you ever read those messages from TpT sellers that you follow?
I know I have mentioned it here in the past.
Some people have told me they never do.
I am guessing it might get a little annoying. But here’s the thing- some sellers have fun little special things in those notes. Freebies or announcements or things you really need. This week I got a note from Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy that was just packed with ideas and photos and things!
AND…..I sent out a note this week and it had some good stuff in it, people—-
including a typo near the end, UGH! I hate when I do that!
Anyway, here’s an image I included in my note to followers:
All those pink things are part of my Surprise to Followers for February 14-15th!
Third Question:
What is your favorite online store?
I need inexpensive, preferably tunic length, tops to wear with jeans.
Here’s a top I ordered recently:
I LOVE it! It is the softest and a good length. It is maybe even a little bit long on me.
That’s what happens when you are, like really short.
5-1, maybe……
That top came from Nordstrom, by the way. Click on it to get to the page. It comes in lots of colors!

Fourth Question:
What is on your wish list at TpT?
Mine is almost all clip art, but some science related things.
Look at some of this deliciousness:
Is that gorgeous or what? That’s from an amazing little store called A Peace of Africa.
What about this?
Look at how cute those owls are! I have no clue what I would use this for…..
yet! But I am gonna get it for something! It’s from Educasong!

Fifth Question:
Do you teach Science?
Then you need to write about it and join my linky!
It’s up for about ten more days and it is spectacular!
Especially if you love science.
If this is a long weekend for you, enjoy it!
I leave you with this very special valentine. One of my precious students made this for me.
It’s made of notebook paper. Hand drawn.
Look closely.
It’s beakers and safety goggles……


  1. The Literary Maven says

    I am going to Vegas again this year. Last year was great and this year will be even bigger and better! Your science Valentine is adorable.
    Brynn Allison
    The Literary Maven

  2. Carol Davis says

    Thank so much fro visiting Brynn! I am really looking forward to meeting people in Vegas! I know I still have so much to learn about TpT! Have a great weekend!

  3. Brandi says

    I'm going too! Can't wait. After reading about how fabulous it was last year I signed up as soon as I could!

    Swinging for Success

  4. Luv My Kinders says

    I really want to go to the TpT conference this summer. I am waiting to see what my school decides about sending me to I Teach K just prior. If they are footing the bill for the I Teach K I am definitely paying the extra to stay for the TpT. If I go we will have to get together for sure! I am only 5'1" as well so I totally get where you're at with clothing. Often times shorts end of looking like mini dresses on me…lol. That one is really cute you got. I am a clip art addict, oh my, my wish list is full of it. Love that Valentine, so cute!

    Luv My Kinders