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Five for Friday! September 12

I think it was probably about Sunday, maybe Monday, when I realized I forgot Five For Friday last week.

I mean, y’all, I had to be about to set a record for consecutive weeks with that linky. Forgetting it is as bad as forgetting your child’s birthday- which I have done….twice…
Anyway, I am starting my consecutive weeks in a row over today!
I love my Friday randomness- even though random is NOT the way my brain works.
Okay, I gotta tell you I had this amazing brain pop about two weeks ago and started planning some experiments with pancakes. The premise is that you have kids make a batch using a recipe that is missing baking powder. The pancakes look like rubber and taste funny. 
Then you experiment with adding different amounts of baking powder until you find the amount that works best.
Sounds great, right??
Kids don’t know how to use measuring spoons.
They drip oil everywhere.
They stir and make flour fly.
They ALL want to stand by the griddle and watch, except for the one kid that decided to run back and forth across the lab until he was breathless. 
This was my test class. And I was wiped out by the time it was over.
By the time the next class came in I had thought through everything a little more and had a much better plan. The second class went much better.
In the meantime it was an awesome demonstration of chemical changes. We will continue this activity next week!
So, here’s my STEM Lab Zoo:
This has turned in to an enormous daily job of feeding and cleaning. By the way, Spike, the Bearded Dragon, loves meal worms. Did you know they crunch when bitten in half?
Pretty funny, right?

So, since I have these critters to care for, I decided to ask for kids to be Critter Club Helpers. I made up an application and all they had to do was write a paragraph telling why they want to be a Helper. This was just a formality as everyone that applied is going to help. But I did get this:

Needless to say, this sweet child is a Lab Helper!

Back to Pancake Dilemmas!
One of the biggest problems I had was the wait time for pancakes to cook. The test class had nothing to do! By the second class I created a word search puzzle with pancake words and some math task cards. I played with using QR codes on the task cards
I will be adding these to the lab often.
I was trying to make Clip Cards and then couldn’t figure out how to have kids check their answers–and I knew I had seen tons of QR code task cards. It was super easy to do. If you have never used QR codes, you need to try it.
First add an app to your smart phone for reading QR codes. The one I have was free.
Then scan it over this QR code.
That takes you the site I use for creating codes. I use this all the time on newsletters. Let’s face it! People are lazy. If a parent is reading my newsletter and I mention they can find things on my website and give them the QR code that takes them there- they are likely to do it!

Funny of the Week and Random Cat Facts Combined:
This is my most requested weekly blogging feature (okay, I made that up, no one requests these tidbits, but they make me laugh…)

My baby cat and middle cat do this while chasing each other. It is not unusual to get up in the morning to find things turned over- like photos and magazine baskets. 
My older cat is too cool for such acts of silliness.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Stefanie Galvin says

    I love using QR codes – such an easy way to direct people (students or parents) to the places you need them to go!

    Love your critters!

    Miss Galvin Learns

  2. Unknown says

    It's awesome having pets in the classroom! I have a leopard gecko and yes, he crunches the mealworms too. They aren't as yucky as crickets though. They ooze a bit when he eats them. Ew!

  3. Carol Davis says

    Hahaha! My bearded dragon doesn't seem to like crickets! He loves those worms, though. He also eats celery! Thanks for visiting!

  4. Pixie Anne says

    I love all the pets in your room – I wish I could get one for my room but we are not allowed pets in school other than the one fish we have left in the tank in reception! The pancake experiment sounds amazing – I bet the kids loved it! Good luck with the continuation next week!
    Growing Little Learners

  5. Luv My Kinders says

    So love the "application essay" to be a lab helper. Very sweet. Pancakes in the lab?? You are too cool. Love how something that seems so simple could be such a wonderful learning experience with how chemicals react. Love the kitty humor. I can just picture little Roo running all over…lol.

    Luv My Kinders

  6. Alison Rose says

    Bearded dragon made me scream. I did not need to know about crunching meal worms. I'm going to make pancakes after this to destress! XO
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'