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Five for Friday! Flight Preview!

Hey Friends!
Can you tell school has begun?
It is so hard to keep everything going at this time of the year.
Some quick notes about my week because it’s time for 
First thing I tried with ALL fifteen of my classes was a Team Building activity. I made the string contraption you see in this photo:
This center is a binder ring with about 15 strings fed through it. Each student holds one or two of the strings and the task is to lift the entire circle off the floor to about 3 feet high and then lower it -WITHOUT tilting the middle circle. After the class does this successfully I add something to the ring. I started with a tennis ball and then just got progressively harder and wobblier with the items. The photo shows a mini Pooh Bear being lifted.
Here’s the ULTIMATE test that I placed in the center. 
Why, yes, that is a large bowl with a cup on top of it and a whiffle ball on top of the cup.
Yes, I had classes that could raise and lower this!
Y’all if you have never tried this you need to.
I wish I could show the photos with the kids’ faces. They are concentrating SO hard! 
Are you ready for this??
I have three grade levels in the STEM Lab. Each is beginning the year with something to do with aerodynamics.
FIFTH grade is
This is so amazingly wonderful. They are testing variables to design the ultimate canister rocket. We were able to do some preliminary exploration this week. Next week we will test variables!
This is a group outside pouring water into their canister, dropping in the effervescing tablet (I LOVE the word effervescing!), snapping on the cap, and then placing the rocket on the ground.

Do you know how high these fly?

Okay, fourth grade! 
This grade level is testing variables with paper airplanes. I used this activity last year with fourth graders and this year’s group came in the lab door asking when they would get to fly airplanes. It must have been a fun challenge! Here they are folding and flying:

Finally Third Grade!
This group is testing variables with helicopters.
I tried to get a picture of one in action but they spin so fast every shot was blurry.
They are loving these!

Next week every class will test specific variables and compile a large data table. The ultimate goal is to use the data and design a rocket, airplane, or helicopter that will fly the best.
We shall see…….

UPDATE: For more about the flights of each type of flying device check this post:
Five for Friday Oh My It’s All About Flight!

I was explaining to a group of third graders that I have a terrible problem with remembering the names of kids and that I would probably not know all their names until about April. 
One little sweet guy said, “You know they make medicine that will help with that!”
When I asked what the medicine was he said, “I’m going to write it down for you cause I know you won’t remember it!”

He handed me a little piece of paper a few minutes later.

The magic memory medicine is:


Have a great weekend!


  1. Kelli says

    I want to be in all 3 of your STEM classes! It looks like so much fun! And your funny is SO funny! Wise beyond his years haha. Although busy, it looks like you've had a productive week.
    Tales of a Teacher

  2. Ana says

    Hahahaha… that little third grader is officially my favorite. You might need to update us on all of the funny things that come out of his mouth are. They have the best quotes!!! You certainly did a ton this week. Congrats on a successful one.
    Ana 🙂
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  3. Luv My Kinders says

    Oh my…I was cracking up with your little guy and his magic medicine. Too funny! Your experiments look like they are going to be full of fun while learning. Love the team building exercise. What a fun teacher you are!

    Luv My Kinders

  4. Alison Rose says

    Oh my goodness…laughing so hard at the penicillin. That is just too funny! I will have to try out this string activity. I'm thinking I should retire and just hang out with you in the S.T.E.M. lab. You know…in my District, we used to pay a guy to come out and do these types of activities with the kids. He would make $10 off every child. You figure 6 classes in a day times $220 a class. That's a pretty sweet gig. I think you should go on the road with all of your lessons. You could be a billionaire and I could be your side kick. Sound good?
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'