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Are you looking for something crafty?

This blog post has been updated to help you if you are looking for this:

So, keep reading and I will tell you the story behind that “window frame”!

First, you need to know that this post in its original format was a link-up with other teachers. And that link up included images and random thoughts. That cute craft with the picture frame and the ‘J’ on it was one of the images I used from Pinterest and posted in this space.

I love Pinterest!

Now, here’s the TRUE story behind that photo.  

When I published this post I had no idea how Pinterest worked. (Keep in mind that this was in about 2013.) I just would find pins I liked and then put them on this blog to share. I had NO IDEA that the photos would get repinned by other people and then repinned about 120,000 times!  

So, that fabulous crafty frame has been around for over seven years and it gets repinned constantly and sends people to this blog post to find out about it.   

Only, now here’s the stupid thing, I have no idea what it should link to in order to help you find the original source.   

I feel terrible about this- because you saw it on Pinterest and clicked on, expecting to find it to purchase or at least directions for how to make it and instead you find a teaching blog.  

I am so sorry that people have wasted time clicking on it only to discover a teaching blog. (Although it is pretty fabulous teaching blog 😉  

So, I recently poured through Google and Pinterest and Etsy and found some similar items for you! All of these are linked to their sources and not back to my blog so you can go and check them out!

Click {HERE} or on the photo to get to this one!

Click {HERE} or on the photo to go to the source.

Click {HERE} or on the photo to go to the source.

Click {HERE} for this one and I feel like this is the source for the original photo because they are so similar! This last one is found in a terrific little Etsy shop that has tons more windows- check it out! (And I am not affiliated in any way with any of the shops you may find linked to those fabulous frames!)

Again, I am so sorry that my innocent pin became so popular and I hope you find something fabulous while searching through Etsy!