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Five for Friday! Bridges!

Time for:

I missed last Friday! 
Can’t remember why…..
But today I remembered (which is probably why I missed last week…)

Anyway, randomness is my favorite thing and here are my five random thingies from this week- one of which is all about bridges!

So, I was cleaning out a filing cabinet drawer in my classroom this week…..and 
I spied this:

Okay, ya’ll! Here’s a truth! I decided to start a blog about 18 months ago. It was a very impulsive, on-the-spot decision and I went to Google and started filling in the basic information about my blog. And right away, they asked for a name for my blog. 

Well, I hadn’t thought that far ahead. I had no idea…….just sat there looking around, trying to think of a cutesy name….. 
and right there on my desk was that little blue
And there was my blog name!
 My blog and TpT store now have a name inspired by a random brain freeze when I could not think of anything else….probably should not have told this story……but it is kinda funny.

Speaking of funny…..

That is not my cat. But it could be. If I EVER sleep past seven a.m. both of my cats will be sitting on the bed looking at me— just willing me to wake up because their food bowls just might be empty and they may starve if I sleep even one more second.
Aren’t fur babies fun?

So, how are things in my lab this week???
Glad you asked.

I decided it was bridge building time:

Here’s what third grade did:

STEM Bridges with index cards

Their task was to use index cards and at first they were fairly whiny. 
“How can we do this?” 
“Are you sure we can’t use anything sticky?”
In the end they were quite amazed at themselves. They built great little structures with nary a piece of tape or drop of glue!

Here’s what fourth grade did:

STEM Bridges with toothpicks

Yep, that’s toothpicks and marshmallows. This was the best version- look at the double supports. Most of them crashed– fairly quickly.
Also, marshmallows are the worst
sticky mess EVER!
 However,the problem solving and collaboration was intense!

Here’s what fifth grade did:

STEM Bridges with Straws

Very sophisticated use of straws and toothpicks, I must say. They actually had toothpicks that braced the structure tightly to the boxes. It worked so much better than the team thought it would- that’s the beauty of a STEM Lab. 

Next week we are tackling flower dissection, catapults, and electric circuits.
Not at the same time- different grade levels!

Well, now, how random is that?
Not very, actually, it’s my all time favorite TV show! I have only missed ONE episode in all these years it’s been on TV. 
April 27, 2011- we had tornadoes in Alabama and no electricity for 5 days. That’s the only time I missed it.
Anyway, this year the premise is Beauty vs Brains vs Brawn.
I really dislike the Beauty group. They are such spoiled little babies.
And, boy are they all miserable- cold rain constantly.

I’d like to see a movie star version of Survivor.
Just sayin’…..

Lastly (and some people say the best is saved for last….)

Two more weeks until Spring Break! 

Have a great weekend y’all!


  1. Alison Rose says

    The picture of the cat had me cracking up. I used to have a cat that had to sleep under the covers at my feet all night. It followed me around like a dog and sat on me whenever I was sitting. It was the funniest cat ever.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'