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Pinterest – Easy Ideas to Try

I had a brain pop last night while perusing Pinterest and decided to devote this day’s posting to all the ideas I have grabbed and tried- successfully I might add! It is just completely wonderful to have Pinterest as a resource for ideas we can see, adapt, copy, and put into use. So here are some of my favorite ideas:

First, I saw this great tree bulletin board display and adapted it to showcase the Seven Habits (this is a program our school follows). Each small rectangular label is a cute little picture of one of the habits (the posters were found as a free resource from Teachers Pay Teachers, but it is no longer available). 
Pinterest Idea for your classroom! It's a tree made of circles and could be decorated in so many ways. This one showcases the Seven Habits! You might try making it your birthday tree!

Next is one of my favorite sayings (and one I probably point out one thousand times a day) is on this poster.  I found the quote on pre-made posters, but didn’t want to pay the high price for them and the shipping. The poster board already had the decorated border and I just lettered it free-hand!
Pinterst Idea for your classroom! It's a fabulous quote about the benfit of paying attention and makes a great display for your wall or a bulletin board.

Two more sets of posters I liked a lot are on each side of the front of my classroom. I drew these with a projector and then used markers to make them colorful. The pom pom in the center of the flower is just a regular pom hot glued to the wall!
Pinterest Idea for your classroom! Here's more posters that are easyto hand letter and use to decorate. The poms are hand made also and hot glued to the wall!

This little magnetic board is how we make our lunch choices each day. Beside the board I have a very small dry erase board on which we write the two choices each day. The kids just move their magnets. (My helper of the day replaces the magnets each afternoon and writes the choices for the next day.) It’s a hot pink magnetic board purchased at Wal-Mart and the stripes are ribbons. To attach the ribbon I used double sided tape.
Pinterest Idea for your classroom! Need a small board for something? Try a little magnetic board and tape ribbon to it for the sections.

Here’s another little magnetic board and it is displayed right below the lunch choice board. Both boards are on the side of a filing cabinet that is just inside the room. We are using this instead of a bathroom pass or hallway pass. Kids just move a magnet to show where they are. (mostly we need this because if you tell me where you are going I will forget it in 4 seconds.) Again, I used a purchased magnetic board and the stripes are ribbon. 
Pinterest Ida for your classroom! Here's a perfect way to keep track of where your students have gone! Use this in place of hall or bathroom passes!

We spent some time during the first two weeks of school talking about the climate of our classroom and how we wanted it to work. We also looked at several posters like this one. Finally, we compiled the best sentiments into our own collection and decided these were really nice classroom rules! (Basically I think the only rule you really need is “Be Nice”.
I made the poster on copy paper and then took it to Staples to be enlarged. I also made a copy for each student to place in their data notebooks!
Pinterest Idea for your classroom! It's a set of classroom "rules" compiled by students in the first few days of school! Makes a great poster and make a copy as in insert in students data notebooks!

One fun project was to make my own seat crates. I already had the crates so I simply went to my local hardware store and asked them to cut a large piece of wood for me. Then I covered the wood with foam and fabric and made the cute little seats. We are enjoying them. (Although I will say they do get in the way a little.)
Pinterest Idea for your classroom! Seats made from crates. You can get the crates at a low cost, buy a sheet of board at a hardware store and the store might even cut the wood for you! Cute little seats!

The kids brought in an array of “next read” bags and these are now stored on our Bag Tree. Also, right beside the tree is a poster with a card pocket for each student. When a book from my library is checked out the students place the book’s card in their own pocket. This lets me know what each child is reading and where my books are. When they finish reading they replace the card and turn the book back in.
Pinterest Idea for your classroom! Make a next read bag tree from an old or inexpensive hanging rack! Another idea in this photo is to make a board for students to place "check out" cards for their books. Helps keep track of what they are reading!

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