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4 Perfect STEM Challenges for Observations

It's time for your classroom observation and you want the most engaging activities to share with your administrator. Let's try STEM! Yes, you read that right! STEM projects can be engaging, unique, full of learning and teamwork, and share your organizational skills. That makes a STEM Challenge ... READ the POST

Best Books of February

Here are my favorite books I read this month. These four book reviews are from books I highly recommend. Book reviews time! Every month when I start this blog post I think about only the best books I read. This month was easy! The four reviewed today are going to be my favorites for a long ... READ the POST

Catapulting Devices in the STEM Lab

Launching with a catapult is always an exciting STEM Activity. We have tried several different projects that involve using a catapult as the launching device. These challenges create some great competitions as we add contests to the mix. I have five catapulting devices to share with ... READ the POST

Best Books of January

A few favorite reads from the month of January. As always I read a few stinkers, too! This year began with a fabulous book that I really enjoyed and then, of course, I ran into a few that were just bad. I even abandoned a book on page 1! Yes, the very first page. Actually, it was the very ... READ the POST

Engaging Students with Color-by-Number

These fun worksheets are so versatile and students love them! Have you tried a color-by-number worksheet yet? These creative worksheets make use of skills students need to practice and add some flair with the amazing graphics uncovered in the designs. I have used these sets for years in ... READ the POST

Engaging Resources for Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day has a fascination for elementary students. They love watching Punxsutawney Phil predict the early spring or more snow. Actually, I think students like the thought of more snow days! If you want some engaging resources for late January or February, I have resources for Groundhog ... READ the POST