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Best Books of Summer 2022

Ah, summertime! Our favorite time to read, right?! My best books of summer for this year are a combined pair of months. I struggled to find books in July and August that held my attention! I gave up on several and skimmed several. Eventually, I did find a few that were spectacular- so here you ... READ the POST

It’s Pumpkin Launching Time!

I know I say this all the time, but THIS challenge is our all-time favorite- it's time for pumpkin launching. Call it a catapult system if you like, but as you will see in my photos students have all sorts of structures for tossing those pumpkins. I learned the first time I tried this challenge ... READ the POST

Let’s Get Ready for Back to School Time!

Isn't it exciting to get your classroom prepared for the first month back to school? I always loved that first few days...well, except for the mess! I'm like many of you as I stuff things in my cabinets in May and then in August I start pulling it all back out to organize! Chaos #right! What I ... READ the POST

Best Books of June (2022)

How do I choose my best books each month? The list of the best books of June was really hard to create. I read some real yucky things this month. Well, to be honest, I did not finish the truly awful books. But the ones I did finish were engaging and I loved them. Let me also mention this! When I ... READ the POST

Summer Camp STEM (Fun Projects)

Summer camp is the perfect setting for STEM activities- many of which can be completed outdoors. Kids love STEM and summertime is the perfect time to continue to work on those collaboration skills. I have some super engaging challenges to share with you! Tips for the summer camp STEM ... READ the POST

May’s Best Books (2022)

Do you ever have a month where you just can't settle on a book to read? Like everything you open just stinks. Gah, well I have them occasionally. I try to be very discerning in choosing book titles and I do read fluff occasionally to change it up but what I don't read is yucky boring junk. I ... READ the POST