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Engaging Resources for Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day has a fascination for elementary students. They love watching Punxsutawney Phil predict the early spring or more snow. Actually, I think students like the thought of more snow days! If you want some engaging resources for late January or February, I have resources for Groundhog ... READ the POST

Let’s Go Skiing (in the STEM Lab)

This Ski lift Challenge turned out to be the most fun in the middle of January! Even for my students that have never skied, it was a delightful STEM activity. It's an easy prep challenge and can be completed in one class session. Just gather some rope, string, craft sticks, and your scrap ... READ the POST

Top Ten Books of 2022

The best books of the year are here! It's finally time to announce my favorite books. Mind you, I read more than 10 that are my favorites! I tried to pick the top ten that I can definitely recommend. What you are not going to find on this 'best books' list are romance novels, chick-lit, memoirs, ... READ the POST

Best Books of Summer 2022

Ah, summertime! Our favorite time to read, right?! My best books of summer for this year are a combined pair of months. I struggled to find books in July and August that held my attention! I gave up on several and skimmed several. Eventually, I did find a few that were spectacular- so here you ... READ the POST

It’s Pumpkin Launching Time!

I know I say this all the time, but THIS challenge is our all-time favorite- it's time for pumpkin launching. Call it a catapult system if you like, but as you will see in my photos students have all sorts of structures for tossing those pumpkins. I learned the first time I tried this challenge ... READ the POST

Let’s Get Ready for Back to School Time!

Isn't it exciting to get your classroom prepared for the first month back to school? I always loved that first few days...well, except for the mess! I'm like many of you as I stuff things in my cabinets in May and then in August I start pulling it all back out to organize! Chaos #right! What I ... READ the POST