Looking for Christmas Resources?


If you have landed here…

  • You are probably a teacher. 
  • Maybe a teacher that is just overwhelmed. 
  • You are searching for resources. 
  • You are ready for a STEM project.
  • You need something for a sub day.

I can help with this!

I have been exactly where you are. I began my current teaching position as a STEM Specialist with zero resources. In the early days of STEM, I relied on blogs from fellow teachers to give me ideas. Then I started refining some ideas and making my own resources. 

But first – I am Carol – a teacher with 30+ years of working with kids of all grade levels. I started my career at age 21 (my goodness) with a fifth-grade classroom. I taught fourth grade the next year and then special education classes for five years.

Then I was so fortunate to be accepted for another fifth grade position and I stayed with that grade for 9 years. Along came another opportunity and I moved to third grade. Purely wonderful! I loved third grade so much I stayed with it for 17 years. (Stop doing the math- I am old.)

I loved teaching in the regular classroom, but then came something new. STEM. I jumped right into that and found this new position completely amazing!

Science had always been my favorite thing to teach and I used STEM ideas long before the acronym became a buzz-word. The new job as a STEM Specialist was perfect. Except I had no resources.

I created my own! So, how can I help you?

I know you are busy balancing a teaching position, a family, and just life in general. That’s where I come in – my site is designed for you.

I’d love to help you with tips, ideas, solutions, and support. If you are ready to try STEM in your regular classroom or as a STEM Specialist I have so much I can share with you. I also taught third and fifth grades so I create resources for many subjects.
Let’s get you started with a free set of sample posters!

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Are you ready?