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Missing a Regular Classroom……

Not very often

but every once in a while

I miss my regular classroom…….

There I said it.

Admitting your problem is the first step to recovery they say! Except it’s not really a problem, just a change from regular third grade to STEM Lab teacher.


So, what happened? Why the change?

Well, here’s the truth.

I taught third grade for 18 years and fifth grade for 9 years before that. Some years were amazing and great, some years were hard, some years I don’t even remember. 

But, then one day last spring my principal said, “I’m thinking we need a STEM Lab at this school!” I sat up a little straighter at that faculty meeting. I never hesitated to apply for this new job!

I love Science. I love watching kids explore and discover. I love seeing kids mess up and start over and invent a way to make things work. And that’s what the STEM Lab is all about. I’m having a FABULOUS time with it. It’s heavenly wonderful, really.

But, I miss reading. I miss reading to my class. I miss that time when I have them glued to me to hear the next word. I miss dissolving into laughter with them when the book is funny. I miss the way my voice breaks when there’s a really  sad part and I’m trying not to cry. I miss those little kids that want to sit close to you while you read. I miss just sitting in the floor with kids with a book in my hand.

Well, that was way too sad.

Had to throw something in there to get the mood around here in better shape.

So, what is it you ask, that I used to read aloud that was so wonderful.
Glad you asked!

Here’s the few I can think of -off the top of my head -that I can wholeheartedly recommend and I would love to come to your school and read them to your class:

Oh my, goodness, I love this book so much! It is so ridiculously funny. In the beginning the mouse mother, Antoinette, says to her family, “There will be no more mice babies!” You have to read that with a French accent and wave your hands in the air very dramatically. And when Despereaux gets his tail cut off……oh my!

This one is so beautifully written. I always read it at the beginning of the year. The teacher, Mr. Fabiano has routines in his classroom that are so very similar to mine that it made such sense to the kids. And the kids in that classroom write all the time! The premise of the book is that Mr. Fab is absent and the sub doesn’t show up. The kids decide to just run their classroom alone! Beautiful book!

During a study of poetry you have to read this. It is amazing. Purely. And then you have to read this one:

Too funny – both of them – although both will make you cry. But they also make your kids write poems…..

Speaking of crying…..

It’s a picture book with the most gorgeous paintings. It’s about a country family and the babies born to them. For each birth the grandpaw carves their name on a rafter in the barn…. You cannot read the page about the baby girl being born and not tear up….

Need a way to talk about being truthful in your classroom. Here it is. This book was written by MADONNA. Yes, that is what I said. When the boy in the story spreads a rumor about Mr. Peabody, the boy is told all he has to do is cut open a feather pillow and let all the feathers fly. After he does this, Mr. Peabody tells him, “Now go collect all those feathers.” The boy says this will be impossible and Mr. Peabody replies, “It’s just as impossible as stopping the rumor that you began.” Profound.

Okay, well, I just realized that I could keep going here with books for quite a while.
I’ll stop.
You try some of these books if you haven’t already.

And just so we end on a happier note here:

Made me laugh.

Cause I did that once.
It was a lizard.

Have a great week y’all- it’s supposed to snow here tomorrow. Someone totally forgot that it does not snow in Alabama. We are expecting a whopping two inches and I need to leave right now and go get bread and milk….


  1. Sarah says

    Hey Carol! Congrats on becoming a new STEM teacher! I'm sure you'll get over your nostalgia soon… I'm sure it's tough transitioning from something that you've done for so long! Well, I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog, because I'd like to nominate you for the Leibster Award! If you accept, please go back to my blog here: and read all about what you must do to accept the award. I can't wait to see what else your future posts hold! 🙂

  2. Carol Davis says

    Thanks for visiting Sarah! My job is amazing and I am not nearly as sad as this pitiful post sounds.

    Click here Liebster Award
    to see my Liebster Award post- thank you, though, for the nomination!

    Stop by any time!

  3. Unknown says

    Carol…I LOVE your blog and the encouragement it always offers! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award… If you choose to accept check out this link for more info!